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You've come to the perfect place to start training in watercolor.


An essential free resource for the curious and creatives


Get instant access to this recipe and start coloring the world naturally.  

No more chemical and soulless colors.

And, the truth is, it's so easy to do, and so rewarding, you can't do it any other way.

Even if you've never painted, this recipe will make you want to try out colors on a piece of paper, and trust me, you'll be super proud you made it yourself .  

So, don't wait any longer and download the recipe.

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Yes, I know, you say to yourself: "I am new to watercolor and not very skilled with my hands and moreover I have no imagination for a penny!"
You will see ! We all have the potential within us to create beautiful things and you just need a really easy way to get started.
This is why I am offering you these courses which will boost your creativity!


Don't ask yourself too many questions and go for it. Especially if,

you want to paint with watercolor in a fun way,
you have no composition ideas,
you want simple steps to follow,
you like the color and the materials.

I share with you my poetic approach to watercolor painting.
I break things down into simple steps for the most inexperienced painter to follow.

You can follow DIY workshops, watercolor and making your watercolors with natural pigments, as well as the realization of inks from berries, fruits or plants and watercolor painting techniques.

I share as much on the theory of colors as on the approach of mixing colors through the realization of watercolors from natural pigments. But also, all the tips and tricks on materials, supplies to use, composition on paper and how to have fun, discover and learn while creating.

Still under construction, this part of the site will evolve in the coming months.


I am a lover of nature, crafts, art, colors and textures.  

If you like homemade, handmade, these courses are for you.  

For me, the creative process is in everything and is accessible to all and would participate in the ability to grow and produce with originality.

This impetus is composite, paradoxical, nonconformist, takes risks, trains, awakens to the unknown, allows the mind to wander, gives room for boldness, favors observation.

Engaging the imagination is one way to achieve the creative process.

Join me in this magnificent adventure and let's boost your creativity!

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Do you want to take watercolor lessons, do your own watercolors?

You want to schedule a workshop in your store, for an event,

a team building or in a private capacity?

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