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one day, I took back my paint brushes ...

I paint with natural pigments and do most of my inks and colors.

I love being surrounded by nature, trees and greenery.

The view I have from my studio window is the frame of a painting that lets me glimpse the variations of the seasons.
It's like the sight of contemplation, I gaze at the landscape for hours, meditating with my brushes and pencils illuminating the watercolor paper.


Floral atmospheres, nature, daydreaming, natural elements, green spaces and the soft colors of the seasons are my eternal inspirations.

My paintings are the reflection of moments of contemplation and resourcing shared through my many walks and trips.

These, big or small, inspire and nourish me.

Whether it is the wonder at the softness of foliage quivering in the wind, the bewitching reflections of a distant ocean, the dappled clouds of an autumn sky, a lonely tree, or the poetry of a lush valley, everything is an excuse to paint or draw.
For me, to create is to live, but it is also the story of a life, the story of my life.


Through my creations I hope to bring a moment of pause, serenity, dream and poetry to those who will have stopped for a moment. 

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