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“From Nature to Palette: Discover the Magic of Making Your Own Watercolors”

No more impersonal colors!


"From Nature to Palette:

Discover the Magic of Making Your Own Watercolours"

Do you enjoy creating and learning, but also have a passion for color, experimentation, slow-made, discovery, and homemade crafts?

Do you feel like taking a moment for yourself and getting carried away by the magic of colors and natural pigments?

Then, this class is made for you.

What are natural pigments?

It is impossible to ignore the current trend, as it has been the focus of human interest throughout civilizations and since the dawn of time.

Colour has captivated and been a means of human expression. Creating colours to leave a mark, a testimony, is an ancient art that aims to mix naturally extracted coloured particles with a binder that allows painting and colouring.

Whether or not you have knowledge in the fields of colour and painting, you will be able to follow this course without any difficulty.

Do you dream of creating your own colors, but you don't know where to start?


In this class, I will explain what a pigment is, what types of pigments exist, what watercolor is, and what its composition is, as well as how to prepare arabic gum yourself. You will learn all the key steps to transform a pigment into a colour with which you can paint in watercolour. Of course, I will explain how to use the required materials. You will have access to an easy recipe that you can follow step by step to create your watercolours.

Let's dive into this wonderful, colorful adventure!

At the end of the course you will be able to paint with your colours!

To test the blends and the various colors created, we will paint a botanical composition at the end of the course. This will also allow us to explore different well-known watercolor techniques.

Join me & create your watercolours

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