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Whispers of Flowers.jpg

Watercolor on paper - tea towel

14.8 x 21 cm

100% cotton, 300g / m²

Original framed and signed on the back.

My soul - vertical painting

VAT Included
  • Created as part of the "magnificent souls" collection.

    My paintings of trees or nature are snapshots that reflect a moment of pause and observation of the visual and emotional richness that nature offers. These moments move me with their power, their strength and their immediacy. The trees that I particularly love are the magnificent souls that inhabit the earth. They have a natural strength that inspires me and I try to give them back all their majesty and somehow communicate with them as they do with me on my walks and travels. My desire, with each painting, is to offer that perception of satisfaction, pleasure or contemplation that I have experienced. I am sensitive to these snapshots as they are linked to the memory of the imperceptible moment. Trees are the link between the earth and the sky. They are magnificent and divine souls. I also hope to testify to the current subtle balance of the state of our land and the vulnerability of this balance.

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